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i have spent a lot of time looking for the perfect travel poncho.  i wanted something warm, interesting, practical, versatile, with many pockets, and GORGEOUS.  unable to find anything in the stores, i decided to make my own.  it turns out that there are many people interested in this concept, and so my travel line was born.

these are one of a kind, and the current stock will be continuously updated.  each poncho is trimmed with an unusual fabric, often an antique fabric or something handwoven.  they are truly unique.  one size fits all.

The Perfect Travel Poncho


Chic styling for dressing up or down.  Great with jeans, perfect for that fancy restaurant.

Quality fabrics will not wrinkle.

Inside pockets keep belongings safely hidden and are fastened with Velcro.

Open the side buttons to make a cozy blanket, with it buttoned, it will keep you warm without bulk.

The poncho, when folded, fits inside a matching Messenger bag for convenient packing.

With the poncho in its bag, it can be used as a pillow.

The Messenger bag can be used as a purse.  It has two back pockets for maps, etc.

Unique and the perfect travel companion.

Prices begin at $200.00  (plus 15% shipping and handling) and are dependent on the fabric and trim.

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Perfect travel poncho is copyrighted and remains the property of Helen Hasenfeld